Telling Stories Through Visuals

Strengthen your conference with an interactive, hands on workshop designed to teach attendees how to replicate our techniques and
bring our program back to their communities to address issues that affect them.

For training conferences and seminars we have created a combination speaking presentation and hands-on workshop program. The four-hour version of our training workshop requires two sessions: Two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon on the first day of the conference. Following the workshop sessions, the facilitators along with conference volunteers, craft a tapestry containing the artwork and stories created by the workshop participants. The tapestry is ready for exhibition the next day.

The next day, as featured speakers at the general session, and as part of our presentation, we invite all those who participated in our training workshop to unveil the new tapestry panels and talk about their workshop experience, the methodology they will bring back to their communities, and what they learned about themselves. We speak for about 45 minutes to one hour.

To find the solutions to complicated problems, we have to know what questions to ask. Before we can ask the right questions we need to understand why people act and react the way they do. Our program provides a forum for the people who are most impacted to explain their thinking and their actions.

Our program emphasizes that life, just like art, is a process. Before you can do “it” good, it’s okay at first to do “it” bad. But the more you do “it” the better “it” gets and the easier “it” becomes. We talk about the fear of failure (which sometimes is really a fear of success) that holds us back from achieving our potential. We motivate the audience to find their passion and follow their dream. Once they recognize how the process works and are willing to try and fail and try again until they see improvement, they realize that with the effort, they can probably do or be anything they want. The techniques we teach at the workshop can be used by the participants to address their own personal issues or they can share this wonderful means of expression with the people they work with, their families and their friends.

At the close of our presentation, we generally present the tapestry to the conference planner to be used to promote next year’s conference or simply to remember this one.